Fire Protection

Fire Protection – Josephine County, Oregon

County Fire Department (COFD) provides fire protection services based on a contract between the Department and Customer. Private Firefighting isn’t new; actually it’s rather old and traditional. The Josephine County currently does not run under the order of a ‘Fire District’; therefore private fire protectors are a huge need within the Rogue Valley. COFD was established in 2013 and has been growing ever since.

COFD is a locally owned and operated Department that takes pride in providing an emergency service to the Rogue Valley. Currently occupying one Station in the Merlin area COFD primarily provides services to the Grants Pass North Valley region. Station two is in the works and COFD will happily inform the community of its grand opening prior to it taking place. Our Fire Protection Services include.

-Fire Suppression

-Animal/Pet Rescue

-Safety Updates & course opportunities

-Volunteer Firefighting programs

-Property Fire Safety Inspections

-Emergency Medical Response Services (Coming Soon!)

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